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Mindbridge Voice Conferencing FAQs
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Host or Chairperson is the person from the customer end who will initiate and manage the conference.
He could be the main speaker in the conference as well


Guest is the person from the customer end who will participate in the conference.


MindBridge audio conference system authenticates and authorizes a Host/chairperson based on Host code.


MindBridge audio conference system authenticates and authorizes a Guest based on Guest code.

 Account ID or Service ID

This is the unique or permanent ID to access your MindBridge account.


Every time a participant dials-in to the bridge, occupies a physical port available on the bridge.


This is personal identification number given to host and guest for more security purpose. It's optional.

 Dial in number

This is telephone number of respective country to make a call


 What is Reliance MindBridge Audio conferencing?

MindBridge provides global conferencing solutions to enterprises across the world, by helping them communicate more effectively and saving costs substantially. MindBridge is a smarter collaboration platform for your ever-growing business conferencing needs without the hassles of multi-vendor management, high CAPEX investments or frequent international travelling for meeting business needs. MindBridge provides a seamless collaboration platform spanning 230 countries with local dial-in numbers from more than 90 global business destinations.

 Why do I need Reliance MindBridge Audio Conferencing?

MindBridge has been designed for fast growing businesses, which have presence across geographies and need regular interaction within their teams, customers, partners and associates. MindBridge can help you conduct virtual meetings with your employees, training sessions, marketing seminars, town halls, customer presentations etc. MindBridge provides you a smart alternative to physical travel - saving on time, resources and costs, while the teams remain connected for better productivity and profits.

 For what all purposes do I utilize Reliance MindBridge Audio conferencing?

1. Sales and Marketing

  • New Product announcements
  • Marketing co-ordination/pre-sales activities
  • Forecasting/new trend discussion
  • Review Meeting
2. Public relations
  • Promotional Reviews
  • Special Events/kick-offs
3. Project management/co-ordination
  • Critical meetings
  • Business decisions
4. Financial
  • Investment banking activities
  • Branch meetings
5. Legal
  • Partner's meetings
  • Pre-trial hearings and depositions
  • Contract negotiations
  • Case settlement

 What are the features offered in MindBridge Audio conferencing service?

MindBridge offers a host of innovative features like starting with/without a host, Speak mode, besides, the standard features like dial out, call mute, participant count etc.

 Can I use any phone to join the conference?

You should use a DTMF tone phone to join the conference

 Is there a limit on the number of conferences I can have?

No there is no limit to the number of conferences. But, at any given time, only one conference call can be active per Host Code.

 What is Difference between MindBridge Freedom and MindBridge Agenda?

MindBridge Freedom:
It is a reservation-less audio conferencing service, which can be set-up any time on demand basis, without any prior reservations. It's like owning your own conference bridge & making calls anytime & anywhere.
For More Detail of MindBridge Freedom, Please click on:
Resources>>MindBridge Freedom>>FAQ's

MindBridge Agenda:
MindBridge Agenda offers complete range of Reservation based Audio Conferencing services.
There are 2 flavors of MindBridge Agenda

  1. Team Conference

These are completely managed high-end conference calls. The customer can conduct a one way event call for mid-sized to large audience and no guest interaction with the chair person.
Media Broadcast can be used for Annual General Meeting, Special Announcements, Addressing Employees, and Quarterly Reviews etc. Considering high visibility of the call, specialized handling can be given with various features

  1. Media Broadcast

This type of Conference can be used for Sales Review Meetings, Weekly reviews, Executive Calls etc. At the scheduled time, an operator will dial-out to the chairperson or greet dial-in participants, announce participants as they join the conference, do a roll call of participants if requested by the chairperson and other activities requested by the chairperson while booking the call.
For More Detail of MindBridge Agenda, Please click on:
Resources>>MindBridge Agenda>>FAQ's

 What do I do if I don't have a Dial-In number listed for my country

You can join your conference through internet by using MindBridge Lite. Please check in the MindBridge Lite section for more details.


 How do I subscribe to your service?

Please provide your contact details and our sales executive will get in touch with you within 2 business days

 What documents are required to get "Reliance MindBridge"?

You need to sign our customer application form (CAF) along with necessary documents mentioned in the CAF. Our sales personnel will help you with the same.

 Is Reliance providing any promotional offer?

No, not currently but - Please leave your details, our sales executive will get in touch with you.

 How long it takes to activate the service after placing an order?

Reliance will give you 'MindBridge Freedom' service within seven working days from the date of receipt of CAF.


 How do I register my company for MindBridge services?

The registration process is fast and simple. You can provide details about your company on our website. .Our sales representative will get in touch with you within 2 business days and guide you through the registration process. Upon Registration you shall then receive a Welcome Call and mail from us Please use the details mentioned in the mailer to start using our services.

 How do I join a conference call as a host?

As a host, you can join the conference by dialing the toll-free/ toll access number in accordance you're your country and entering your host code. An IVR announcement with a tone will confirm your joining.

 How do my guests login to my conference call?

Your guest can just enter the dial-in number and guest code as per the meeting request sent by you. An IVR announcement with a tone will confirm his/her joining.

 How do I start a conference call?

You can start the meeting by entering the dial-in number followed by a welcome message. When prompted, you can enter the host code to start the conference call.
Steps to initiate a conference please follow the procedure given below:
Invite the people you wish to communicate with and share the following information with them:

  1. Date and time of the conference
  2. Dial-in number of their country
  3. Guest code

Dial the toll free/toll access number of your country and follow the IVR menu, as a host, enter your host code & the guest should enter the guest code to join the conference
Now you are connected with your participants and you can start the discussion.

 What do I do if I forget my Password to Reliance MindBridge Online?

If you forget your password, click on the “Forgot Password” on the Home page. Then follow the link on the Welcome/Login screen. Enter your user name in the Forgot Your Password? Field and your password will be reset and then e-mailed to you the e-mail address in your conferencing Account profile.

 Can I change my passcode?

Yes, you can change the passcode by requesting through our online web portal or by mailing our support desk. Please note that both host and guest code gets changed simultaneously. However the passcode can be changed by the ECP or chairperson himself.

 Can a conference start without chairperson?

Conference cannot start without a chairperson, however if requested for 'Quick Start' feature, the conference can start without the chairperson. As a default, conference get disconnect after chairperson leaves the conference.

 What do I do in case the participants are disconnected?

Participant will have to again call on the dial –in access number followed by the guest pass code to join back on the conference call

 How can a participant get into the conference?

There are two ways of conference access –

  1. Dial-in
  2. Dial-out.
In case of dial-in access, participant dials a conference dial in number, while in case of dial out access; the conference operator connects a participant into the conference by dialling participant's phone number.

  Can I have dial-in and dial-out access in a single conference?

Yes, you can have dial-in or dial out access, but in case of Dial Out customer has to send a request to operator desk to enable the feature for your passcode prior to conference.

  What is the Dial-in Access number?

Dial-in number is the Reliance MindBridge Audio conference bridge access number. There are Toll Free & Toll Access numbers available in many countries. For complete list of our Toll Free & Toll Access Numbers please visit our website & click on the Resources>>Dial-In Numbers option.

  Can I dial Dial-in Access number from my mobile?

Yes. You can dial this number from any mobile phone.

  How and when do I make the payment for service usage?

The EA or ECP (Enterprise Administrator) can log on to our website on and view the monthly invoice. The EA can then make the payment by using a credit card. If required, we also accept payment by cheque & wire transfer.

 Do you provide operator assistance during the conference call?

Yes, operator assistance is available 24X7 anytime during a conference call by pressing *0

  How do I change my Conference Features?

Conference/Passcode features can be changed by sending an email to Customer Care or they can be changed by Account Manager's login or ECP's login but not by user's login. Account Manager or ECP can also modify the feature by logging into the portal and then through Manage Passcode ----> Passcode Feature, following screen gets displayed

  How can I manage my Reliance MindBridge account Online?

Reliance MindBridge account can be managed online provides access to all of your conferencing services through a single, user friendly web interface. It gives you the freedom to manage your company's conferencing preferences to make each conference hosted more effective.
For more information please log on to-

You can find the user-guide for Reliance Mindbridge services at

  What Conferencing services can I book online?

Through Reliance MindBridge online web portal user may book only Reliance MindBridge Agenda Conferencing.


 What are the security related commands?

Disconnect all participants -* 9

Roll call to conference- 72
By enabling this feature you can know the name of participants present in your conference.

Play party count into the conference-26868 #
by enabling this feature the chairperson can prompt all the participants to record their name before entering into the conference.

Conference Lock/Unlock - *0*3
This feature enables the Chairperson to Lock the conference once the all the invited participants have joined the conference. No other participant can enter once the conference is locked.

Change password

Chairperson can change conference codes (Conference code, chairperson code & security codes) to enhance security of conference.


 What are the charges for “Dial out to participant”?

Please leave your details, our sales executive will get in touch with you .For 'dial-out to participants', the call charges are different than Dial In

 What are the service tariffs or pricing?

Please leave your details, our sales executive will get in touch with you.

 What is the upfront payment I need to pay to subscribe?

None, we have only post-paid option available

 Will I be billed for the full month even if I subscribe/exit in the middle of the month?

Your first month charges will be prorated, will be charged from the date of usage till the end of bill cycle for the month. The same shall also be applicable in the month of exit also

 When will my billing start?

For the first month the billing will start from the day of activation of the service.

 Will I get itemized bill?

Yes an itemized bill shall be sent out to your registered email id / postal address (in case of Indian Enterprise customers only)
The itemized bill (Details of Usage) with details on conference-by-conference is applicable for per user passcode.

 Will there be service tax?

Yes, a bill will attract service tax as per the Tax applicable for the country, from which the corporate customer is signing with us.
E.g.: for customers signing up in India, the monthly invoices will attract service tax as per the guidelines given by the Government of India

 What is the minimum contract period?

There is no contract period.

Secure+ FAQ's

 What is MindBridge Secure+ Feature?

Mindbridge Secure+ is a secondary authentication feature, which requires all participants attending an audio conference to be asked for an additional unique authentication code besides the Host or Guest code, which is provided for the conference.

 How does this work?

This is implemented in two ways:
      i. Companywide: An organization can implement this feature for its entire workforce by making them punch the Host/Guest code followed by a unique code (eg: Employee Code) as a secondary pin to authenticate themselves, to attend internal conference calls.
      ii. Selected Employees: Hosts of Mindbridge (employees who have their own Host Codes) who wish to conduct conference calls which require additional privacy, can use this feature. In this case, the Host can create and distribute Unique Secondary Pins to all participants, which they can use to authenticate themselves while joining the call.

 How do I enable this feature for my entire company?

MindBridge Secure+ can be enabled in two easy steps on Mindbridge:
Step 1: Host or ECP can get the feature enabled by sending an email to Customer Care team at ‘’ along with the Service Id#. Customer care team will send the instructions and request for information to activate the feature.
Step 2: On receipt of the relevant data, the customer care team will activate this feature for the account.
Once activated, all employees including the Host and Guest will have to punch an additional code, unique to them to authenticate themselves
The customer care team will also provide information on enabling new employees and de-activating employees who have left the organization so that the calls remain secure.
Note: - #Your Service Id can be retrieved by logging into the account, on the left pane in the Account Hierarchy Tree by clicking on your name on your Profile page.

 Will I be able to invite external parties to join my internal calls once I have activated Secure+

You can invite external parties such as vendors, contractors, etc to participate in the internal calls by issuing Secure+ Pins from the MindBridge portal, which they can use for authenticating themselves to join the 'secure' calls.

 I want to implement Secure+ feature for some of my Host ID's and not for the entire company.
          Can I do that?

Yes, this feature can be implemented for one or few Host IDs as well. Please contact our customer care team at and we will provide you with further instructions.

 Once I have enabled the Secure+ feature for my company, can I have participants join without
          a Secure+ Pin?

No, once this feature is implemented then all the participants will be required to punch the unique Pin to participate in the call. If there are participants who do not have a Pin, then the Host can create one, using the 'Generate Secure+ Pin' feature on the portal. The instructions will be made available in a manual which will be shared with you once you are enabled for this feature.

 Are the Secure+ Pin created for external participants permanent?

No, while creating Secure+ Pins, the Host has to choose the number of days for which the Pin would remain active. The maximum validity for an active pin is 45 days from the date of creation.
The host also has the option of closing active pins via the portal.

 Am I charged for this feature?

You will not be charged anything for using this feature. Our objective is to help our customers keep their conferences secure.

 Does this impact my invoice in any way?

For all conferences conducted with Secure+ Pins, the 'Type of User' column in your invoice, which displays if the user was a 'Host' or 'Guest' will not be displayed. This change is only applicable for conferences conducted with Secure+ Pins. There will be no impact or changes in your regular invoice if you are not using Secondary pins.

MindBridge Lite

 What is Reliance MindBridge Lite?

Reliance MindBridge is a browser based VoIP client which has been created to be used by our customer to be able to connect to their scheduled conference via the internet.

This primary function of MindBridge Lite is to enable Customers who have users who do not have easy access to our toll free/Access services to be able to participate in their calls.

E.g.: If a customer has a Vendor/Partner/User in a country where a MindBridge Toll Free/Access number is not available, the customer can schedule a conference through their online account and invite those participants to participate using the VoIP client.

The current client will work on Internet Explorer browser only. We will inform once the client is ready for other browsers.

 How do I start using Reliance MindBridge Lite?

As a Host, you need to schedule a conference through your online account. You will need to enter the email address of the users who would participate in the conference call using the MindBridge Lite client. The MindBridge system will send a conference id and all relevant details to those users to enable them to participate in the call.

As a User, you can start using the clients in a few easy steps.

i. If you are a first time user, please click on the link above and follow the instructions to install the client. This client is to be installed only once.

ii. To open the client, please click on the link provided.

iii. Please enter the email address of the Host and the conference details that you would have received from the Host.

iv. Your details will be authenticated and the client will then prompt you to connect to the audio bridge.

v. Once connected to the audio bridge, please enter the guest details as provided by the Host and you will be placed into the conference call.

 Can I directly log onto my ongoing conference using MindBridge Lite without
         the conference id?

No, you will need the pre-generated conference id to be able to log onto your conference.

 What are the minimum system requirements for using MindBridge Lite?

Minimum system requirements for using MindBridge Lite are:
Operating Systems:

  1. Windows 7, Vista or XP (We do not support Windows 95/98/Me and Linux systems)
  2. Internet Explorer Ver 8. (or later)

System Level:

  1. At least 256MB RAM
  2. A microphone, sound card, and speakers
  3. Intel Pentium-class processor (1.0GHz or higher)
  4. A non-proxy connection to the Internet (mandatory)
  5. An Internet connection of 512KBps is recommended.

Please make sure you are not behind firewall/proxy which prevents the client from connecting to the internet.

To know more about Reliance MindBridge Lite, please go through the ‘Help’ section.

 How many people can I invite when I use online scheduling?

There is no limit to the number of people you can invite.

 After installing MindBridge Lite I am not able to see an icon in my desktop?

MindBridge Lite is a browser based client and it will not be installed in your desktop. However when you click on the link provided in the email the client will automatically pop up on the screen.

 Can I use my email ID to log in to MindBridge Lite?

You have to use the host email id provided in the email invite to log in to MindBridge Lite.

 After entering the host email id and conference ID I am still not able to login.

Please verify your internet connection or please get in touch with MindBridge support.

 Can I use my previous conference ID?

No Conference ID is specific to each conference. You will have to use the conference ID provided in the email invite.

 After logging in what do I need to join the conference?

Once you are logged in to the thin client please click on connect to conference button.

 I do not see any enter button after entering my host / guest code?

Once you enter your host / guest code bridge will automatically place you in to conference. You need not press any other button.

 How do I exit the conference?

Please click on the end button in the client.







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