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 MindBridge Freedom Web Audio Conference FAQs
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MindBridge Freedom FAQ's

 What is MindBridge Freedom?

'MindBridge Freedom' is a reservation-less audio conferencing service, which can be set-up any time on demand basis. It's like having your own conference bridge to make calls anytime & anywhere.

 What is the benefit of MindBridge Freedom?

The benefits of MindBridge Freedom are:
1. Freedom from prior Reservation: Set up Your conference anytime, without prior Reservation for up to 125 participants.
2. Get Unique Host & Guest Passcodes
3. Access from over 90 countries.

 How do I register my company for MindBridge services?

The registration process is quick and simple. All you need to do is provide details about your company on our website and our sales representative will get in touch with you within 2 business days to guide you through the registration process.
Upon successful registration you shall receive a Welcome Call and mail from us. Please use the details mentioned in the mailer to start using our services.

 How do I get started to use Reliance 'MindBridge Freedom' service?

You need to first subscribe to Reliance 'MindBridge Freedom' service. On subscription, you will get,
1. Account ID
2. Host Code
3. Guest Code
4. Conference dial-in number list
When you wish to invite participants via email, SMS, fax or phone call remember to specify the following details of the conference,
1. Conference Dial in number
2. Guest Code
3. Date and Time(as per time zone)

 How do I join a conference call as a host?

As a host, you can join the conference by dialing the toll-free/ toll access number of your country and entering your host code. An IVR announcement will confirm your joining in the call.

 How do my guests login to my conference call?

Your guests can just enter the dial-in number and guest code as per the meeting request sent by you. An IVR announcement will confirm his/her joining.

 How many people can attend 'MindBridge Freedom'?

Up to 125 participants (including chairperson) can join a MindBridge Freedom conference.

 What is the minimum number of participants required to start 'MindBridge

The minimum number of participants required to start 'Mindbridge Freedom' is as low as two. (This includes the chairperson and another participant.)

 Can I invite more than 125 participants for a conference call?

Yes. You can have a conference call of more than 125 participants using our alternative offering Reliance MindBridge Agenda.

 How do I use the different service features while attending the conference

You can use different service features while attending the conference calls by pressing the DTMF tones as given in the list of DTMF Tones given in our website>>Resources Tab >>MindBridge Freedom

 How can a participant get into conference?

There are two ways of conference access –

  1. Dial-in
  2. Dial-out.
In case of dial-in access, participant dials a conference dial in number , while in case of dial out access; the conference operator connects a participant into the conference by dialling the participant's phone number.

 Can I have dial-in and dial-out access in a single conference?

Yes, you can have dial-in or dial out access in the same conference. However in case of Dial Out customer has to send a request to operator desk to enable the feature for your pass code prior to conference.

 What are the security related commands?

These commands allow the user to secure the conference and not allow any unwanted participants joining the call. Following are the commands which allow the user to secure the conference

  1. Disconnect all participants -* 9

  2. Roll call to conference - 72
    By enabling this feature you can know the name of participants present in your conference.

  3. Play party count into the conference -26868 #
    by enabling this feature the chairperson can prompt all the participants to record their name before entering into the conference.

  4. Conference Lock/Unlock - *0*3
    This feature enables the Chairperson to Lock the conference once the all the invited participants have joined the conference. No other participant can enter once the conference is locked.

  5. Change password
    Chairperson can change conference codes (Conference code, chairperson code & security codes) to enhance security of conference.

 Do you provide operator assistance during the conference call?

Yes, operator assistance is available 24X7 anytime during a conference call by pressing *0

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