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User Guide MindBridge Freedom


MindBridge Freedom is a reservation-less audio conferencing service, which can be set-up any time,
from anywhere, without any prior reservations. It only requires access from a fixed or mobile phone, to enable virtual meetings with up to 125 participants, without booking your Conferences in advance.

Getting Started

Choose How Participants Attend Your Virtual Meeting

  1. Dial In
  2. Dial Out

Start MindBridge Freedom Conferences

A.You need to first subscribe to Reliance ‘MindBridge Freedom’ service. On subscription, you will get,

  1. Account ID
  2. Host Code
  3. Guest Code
  4. Conference dial-in number list

B.When you wish to invite your participants via email, SMS, fax or phone call remember to specify the following details of the conference,

  1. Conference Dial in number
  2. Guest Code
  3. Date and Time(as per time zone)

Joining a Conference call:

  1. Joining MindBridge Freedom Conference as Host
    Step1.Dial the local toll free number or toll access number of respective country
    Step2.Follow the IVR menu
    Step3.Enter the Host Passcode
  2. Joining MindBridge Freedom Conference as Guest
    Step1.Dial the local toll free number or toll access number of respective country
    Step2.Follow the IVR menu
    Step3.Enter the Guest Passcode 

Key Host Command

  General Command for Host
    *0 Operator Assistance 24*7
    61#  Mute All Participants
    62#  Unmute all Participant
    *9 Disconnect All Participants
    *2 Record conference (If configured)
  Security Command for Host
    26868 # Play party count into the conference
    72#  Roll call to conference
    *0*3 Conference Lock/Unlock

Key Guest Command

    *0 Operator Assistance 24*7
    *6 Self Mute/Unmute (if configured)

Additional Host commands during the conference

Command                   Function
*0                               IVR menu 
*0*0                            Operator assistance
*0*1                            Host dial-out
*0*2                            Conference roll call
*0*3                            Lock/Unlock conference
*0*4                            Enable/Disable Host disconnect
*0*5                            Eenable or disable recording of participant name 
*0*6                            Participant management menu 
*0*6*1                        Move to the previous participant
*0*6*2                        Play the current participant name
*0*6*3                        Move to the next participant
*0*6*4                        Called participant menu
*0*6*4*0                    Replay menu
*0*6*4*1                    Return current participant to the conference
*0*6*4*2                    Transfer host control
*0*6*4*3                    Transfer host disconnect
*0*6*4*4                    Disconnect the current participant
*0*6*4*9                    Rejoin the main conference
*0*65                          Disconnect the current participant
*0*6*6                        Play participant count
*0*6*7                        Private roll call
*0*6*8                        IVR main menu
*0*6*9                        Rejoin the main conference
*0*7                            Manage project codes menu 
*0*7 *1                       Listen to the project code
*0*7*2                        Change the project code
*0*7*3                        Delete the project code
*0*7*8                        IVR main menu
*0*7*9                        Rejoin the main conference
*0*8                            Profiles menu 
*0*8*1                        Enable/Disable participant name record
*0*8*2                        Enable/Disable entrance and exit tones
*0*8*3                        Enable or disable quick start 
*0*8*4                        Enable /Disable announcements 
*0*8*6                        Enable/Disable project code management (If configured)
*0*8*8                        IVR main menu
*0*8*9                        Rejoin the main conference
*0*9                            Exit main menu and rejoin the main conference

Keep your conference secure, press *0 for IVR main menu followed by *2 for roll conference. By doing so, you can listen to the names of the participants and the participant count. This is how you can identify who has joined your conference and restrict the unwanted participants to join your conference. You can also have a private roll call by pressing *0 *6 *7

User guide PDF

(Download here)