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MindBridge Freedom

Mindbridge Freedom Quick Start Guide

The conferencing service option selected by you allows the users to dial into a conference without making a reservation.

Getting started -

To initiate a conference, please follow the procedure given below:


Invite the people you wish to communicate with and share the following information with them:    

  • Date and time of the conference
  • Dial-in number of their country
  • Guest code


Dial the toll free/toll access number of your country and follow the IVR menu, as a host, enter your host code & the guest should enter the guest code to join the conference

Now you are connected with your participants and you can start the discussion

Key host commands

*0         - for operator assistance 24x7
6 1 #     - Mute all other participants
6 2 #     - Un-mute all other participants
26868 #- Play participant count in the conference
72#       - Roll call to conference
* 9        - Disconnect all participants
*0*3      - Lock/Unlock conference

Guest command

*0         - for operator assistance 24x7

Please keep your passcode confidential. You are responsible for all conferences that occur using your pass code.

Quick Start Guide

(Download here)