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MindBridge Teleconferencing & Online Conference Calls Guide
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MindBridge Agenda

MindBridge Agenda Quick Start Guide

The conferencing service option selected by you allows the users to dial into a conference without making a reservation.

Get Started -

To initiate a conference, please follow the procedure given below:


Invite the people you wish to communicate with
And share the following information with them:

  • Date & time of the conference
  • Dial-in numbers
  • Guest passcode



To initiate the conference
Enter the dial-in number and follow the IVR to

  • Enter you passcode

Participants too should dial the number and follow the IVR menu to enter their passcode to join the conference.
Now you are connected with your participants and you can start discussion.

Host Controls

Signal for operator assistance-*0


Mute all other participants -6 1 #
Unmute all other participants -6 2 #


Play party count into the conference-26868 #
Roll call to conference- 72#
Disconnect all participants -* 9
Conference Lock/Unlock - *0*3

Operator Assistance

During the audio conference, you may signal the operator by pressing *0. We are available to help you 24x7x365.


Please protect your pass code. Customers are responsible for all conferences that occur through the use of their pass code. For security reasons, pass code should not be placed on corporate Internet web sites or on public display. In particular, the host codes should be kept confidential.

Quick Start Guide

(Download here)