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MindBridge Agenda

MindBridge Agenda Product Feature

Conference Setup or tracking


With 48 hours' advance notice, the Conference Coordinator will notify all participants of the date and time of the scheduled call.

 Lecture Mode

Ability to mute all guest lines during a presentation

 Dial Out

System dials out to all conference participants


 Chairperson/Guest PIN

A second level of security provides enhanced security to a conference.

 Roll Call

The host can initiate a head count anytime during the course of conference.


Lock your conference to prevent additional participants from joining the call, with the exception of those you dial-out to.

 Entry /Exit Announcement

Hear a tone whenever a participant enters/exits

 Restricted Entry List

Restrict participants according to Requirements


 Voting (Polling)

Using the operator to survey all participants

 Question and Answer (Q&A)

Giving participants the ability to ask questions during a conference


A host can hold a smaller sub-group conference, before, during and after the conference. Up to 3 sub-conferences may run at any given time within a main conference

 Event Plus

Expedite entry into large calls through an automated process
Limited capacity (1,380 ports)

Ease of use /Accessibility

 Listen Only

Mute guest lines to reduce background noise


 Auto time out

Any on demand conference can be configured to automatically close. When this option is selected, the system will automatically disconnect all parties when the assigned time limit is reached.

Value added or premium services


Capture high quality recordings for archiving

 Custom Script

A Special message to be read by operator during conference

 Digital Recording Studio

Record and deliver a message to participants without logging in to the conference call


Latest conference to be played back through toll-free number

 Music Entry

Place participants on music hold till conference begins

Conference Management

 Conference Quick Start

Allow participants to interact before the call officially begins


Allow selected guests to have a private conversation









Smart Conferencing Tips

Smart Conferencing Tips