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MindBridge  Team Conferencing & Media Broadcast FAQs
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MindBridge Agenda FAQ's

 What is MindBridge Agenda?

MindBridge Agenda offers complete range of Reservation based Audio Conferencing services. There are 2 pre-configured flavors available in MindBridge Agenda

  • Media Broadcast
  • Team Conference

 What is a Media Broadcast?

Media broadcasts are completely managed high-end conference calls. The customers can conduct a one way event call for a mid-sized to large audience and no guest interaction with the chair person. Media Broadcast can be used for Annual General Meeting, Special Announcements, Addressing Employees, and Quarterly Reviews etc. Considering high visibility of the call, specialized handling can be provided with various features

 What are the features of Media Broadcast?

1. No Entry & Exit Announcements
2. No Hold Music
3. All Participants On Mute
4. Chairperson is always dialed out.
5. Throughout Operator Assisted
6. Record & Replayed in case request is put up.

 What is Team Conference?

In a Team Conference at the scheduled time, an operator will dial-out to the chairperson, greet dial-in participants, announce participants as they join the conference, do a roll call of participants if requested by the chairperson and other activities as indicated by the chairperson while booking the call. This type of Conference can be used for Sales Review Meetings, Weekly reviews, Executive Calls etc.

 What are the features of Team Conference?

1. No Entry & Exit Announcements
2. Hold Music is available
3. Chairperson Dialed out
4. Throughout Operator Assisted
5. Customized greetings to participants
6. Participants un-mute

 How do I use the different service features while attending the conference

No, MindBridge Agenda conference calls are preset with various features to avoid inconvenience during the call. Although if you have any special request, you may contact our customer care

 How do I register my company for MindBridge services?

The registration process is quick and simple. All you need to do is provide details about your company on our website and our sales representative will get in touch with you within 2 business days to guide you through the registration process.
Upon successful registration you shall receive a Welcome Call and mail from us. Please use the details mentioned in the mailer to start using our services.

 How do I schedule a MindBridge Agenda Conference?

1. Logon to and fill up the 'Book my conference' form or call the customer service desk number.

2. Just Provide Details
a) Passcode detail i.e. Host Code & Guest Code
b) Date & time ( as per Time Zone) of Conference
c) Number of Participants

3. You will receive a confirmation email from Reliance MindBridge Team with
a) dial-in numbers
b) passcode details
Invite the people you wish to communicate with, and share the following information with them:
a) Date and time of the conference stating the Time Zone
b) Dial-in number of the respective country
c) Guest code

Note*: For feature description please refer to our website “Product Features” section available in the Services section under MindBridge Agenda>> Product Features section

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